Gandi d. Ularly king e. Metro 5. Which of the national cinemas and domestic movie cultures in the national cinema and domestic movie cultures are a rich discussion material, which is a rich discussion material, which is a rich discussion material. a. New Zealand b. India c. Britain d. America e. Russia

8. Which of the approcesses is not one of the properties of the new n. Functions of the psychological effects of the psychological effects of r in your eyes. Bad blood 10. Which of the fears is one of the effects of the Chinese Cinemas of the return process to the market economy? a. The cinema industry is directed to the monetary department b. The movies have been starved as a commercial product. The studios are industrial investment in industrial investment. The studios are beginning to be state-supported cultural institutions. The common-structure prativation with foreign partners is commonly published.

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If you are wrong, re-review the Cineman in the world “section. SIDE SIDE SHOULD USE “HOLLYWOOD Cinemas>” section. SIDE SIDE SHOULD USE “HOLLYWOOD Cinemas>” section. Refer to “Britain and English Tuberali in other countries in other countries”.

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